What the Pandemic Taught Me about Business: Karan Bhalla

karan bhalla

After attending the CUNA Government Affairs Conference in February, CU Rise Analytics’ CEO, Karan Bhalla, said his team was energized with lots of forward motion. But by mid-March, COVID-19 shifted the dynamic.

“The pandemic really put the brakes on everything. Within a matter of days, we transitioned our entire staff from the office to remote work. We didn’t think twice about it, although we knew we’d have initial challenges with getting the right technology and security set-up in-home,” recalled Bhalla, who added the company has roughly 60 employees.

“We had to do this while making sure our client work and deliverables were not impacted,” he continued. “Any prolonged delay could affect our credit union clients and the interaction they have with their members.”

The Vienna, Va. – based technology company counts more than 30 credit unions as clients and helps them consolidate internal and external data, understand aggregated data and then act on it in a way that benefits the bottom line and membership, explained Bhalla.

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