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Visualization & Business Intelligence

Your credit union has all of the information it needs to make smart, high-impact decisions. But, the answers are buried deep within your vast and complex member data.

Our Visualization and Business Intelligence services handle the complicated tasks of integrating, organizing, and presenting your data in an easy to understand way.

We’ll use state-of-the art business intelligence methods to create your interactive dashboards so you can make decisions with greater confidence and accuracy.

  • Turn complex data into easily interpretable dashboards and graphs
  • Quickly view key performance indicators
  • Drill down through custom views from portfolio-level to member-level
  • View information in real-time

Your dashboards will be built to accommodate your specific IT infrastructure. We are proficient in a variety of development tools such as SSRS, Tableau, PowerBI, Python, and .Net for reporting projects. Your data science-powered dashboards will use machine learning algorithms to continuously become more intelligent.

Track indicators such as:

  • Portfolio health (delinquency rates, revenue, fees, balances and more)
  • Member transaction analysis
  • Acquisition campaign results
  • Member engagement scores
  • Member attrition predictions
  • Member value indices
  • Cross selling opportunities
  • Balance transfer campaigns
Sample Dashboard

Sample dashboard for a balance transfer campaign. The dashboards are simple, standard and scalable.

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