Optics Business Intelligence Suite

Uncover Insights and Make Data-Driven Decisions

Optics aggregates, synthesizes, and visually-presents metrics around key performance indicators. Make strategic decisions with confidence after accurately analyzing patterns and trends.

CU Rise’s Optics is an advanced business intelligence tool that puts the right answers directly in your hands. Our proprietary product drills down deeply through each tier of your data and provides accurate insights effortlessly. Even better – we’ve designed Optics to be cost-effective for credit unions of all sizes.


  • Efficient, accurate strategic decision-making.
  • Synthesizes and visualizes your most important data.
  • Allows you to proactively counter identified areas of risk.
  • Generates accurate insights about past and future patterns and trends.
  • Puts powerful intelligence in your hands – but still simple to navigate.


  • Create customized dashboards.
  • Engage users with interactive features.
  • Insights driven by KPIs across portfolios.
  • Maintain data security and privacy with user access controls
  • Clean, user-friendly design
  • Compatible across devices and simple deployment.
Optics presents your data in highly-visual, easy-to-interpret graphs, dashboards and tables at three levels of data (called Tiers):
Optics Tear

Credit Union at-a- Glance (Tier 1)

Provides an overview of the critical KPIs that determine performance, risk and product portfolios.

Interactive Dashboards (Tier 2)

Filters metrics based on branch, date, product and sub-products.

Analyzes the performance trends of key strategic initiatives.

Provides deep insights with customized views.

Optics Tear

Data Extraction (Tier 3)

Produce detailed reports for specific data points.

Export reports with one click

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