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Capture the critical window to build deep member relationships and long-term loyalty

Onboarding Optimizer

As soon as a member joins your credit union, the onboarding process begins. If you want to cultivate long-term member loyalty, the first 90 days after member acquisition are a critical window of time. The effectiveness of your onboarding program will define future member engagement – don’t miss this important opportunity to get it right.

CU Rise has developed an automated onboarding system that makes the process turn-key. Onboarding can start with a warm welcome, product and service education, mobile app set-up, and feedback gathering. During the first 30 days of membership, CU Rise closely studies members’ behavior and identifies the most relevant and valuable cross-sell opportunities to deepen the relationship. All interactions with the member are driven by intelligent data insights, and are tracked in real-time to allow for ongoing refinement of your strategy.

Key Features

  • Gather intelligent cross-sell insights for each member
  • Automate communications for consistent, efficient, and effective efforts
  • Customize list formats to easily integrate and sync with other platforms
  • Segment and customize lists for targeted multi-channel marketing
  • Track and analyze results in real-time


  • Implement a seamless, impactful onboarding process with minimal human resources
  • Connect with members at the right time with highly relevant information
  • Make a stronger impact with targeted, customized communications
  • Deepen relationships through more effective cross-selling
  • Optimize and refine onboarding strategy with insights from your results
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