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Deliver Highly Personalized Member Service and Ignite Growth

Member Segmentation And Product Growth

Once you bring a new member to your credit union, how do you keep them?

Through targeted, highly personalized service that delivers exactly what they need.

If that sounds formidable, let us introduce you to CU Rise’s Member Segmentation and Product Growth data science services. We combine advanced algorithms with our extensive experience in financial services to create superior member experience.

Our tools will segment members by behaviors, patterns, and needs so you can offer the most relevant products and services. You’ll more effectively deepen relationships through optimized marketing methods that are inherently more efficient.

  • Increase loyalty
  • Improve cross-selling
  • Reduce attrition
  • Mitigate risks

Product Portfolio Assessments

Our step-by-step approach to Product Portfolio Assessments carefully examines your portfolio and various product lines to optimize product mix, return on investment, growth of existing products, and opportunities for new launches.

Make product management decisions with accuracy and confidence, and:

  • Effectively segment your members
  • Launch customized marketing campaigns
  • Create high-performing, innovative products
  • Fulfill unmet member needs with the right product at the right time
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