Predictive Model Suite

Powered by Machine Learning

Predictive analytics are the new frontier of highly personalized customer service. From acquisition to onboarding to retention – predictive analytics offer insights into the challenges and opportunities within every stage of the member life cycle. Predictive models look deep within your members’ data to anticipate their needs and deliver just the right solution at exactly the right time.

CU Rise’s Predictive Model Suite harnesses the power of advanced data science to provide insights like never before – using methods that are both cost-effective and easy to implement. Start designing highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns that are dramatically more effective.


  • Provides a proactive approach to anticipating members’ needs.
  • Informs data-driven strategies more likely to be successful.
  • Fosters highly targeted and segmented marketing campaigns.
  • Improves the results of retention, engagement and cross-sell efforts.
  • Allows for more efficient and effective allocation of marketing resources.


  • Synthesizes all available member data – demographic, behavioral, transactional and relational to build accurate predictive models.
  • Visually provides information in actionable dashboards that make it easy for users to interpret and formulate strategies.
  • Plug-and play-application can be quickly operational.
  • Subscription-based service is cost-effective.
  • CU Rise continues to add new modules and upgrades.


Attrition Prediction

Identify which segments of your members are in danger of leaving and develop re-engagement strategies that retain them.

Engagement Scoring


Engagement Scoring

Score member behaviors, then segment and build customized strategies to optimize engagement.

Product Propensity


Product Propensity

What’s the next best product for each of your members? We’ll uncover the answer, and significantly improve response rates to cross-selling marketing campaigns.

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