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With CU Rise’s Peer Benchmarking Report (Free!)

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Benchmarking against other financial institutions is a gauge for accurately measuring your performance. So, how can you find out how your credit union compares?

We’ll help you track progress on your goals, identify opportunities, double-down on strengths and reveal weaknesses.

Here’s what you’ll get in the report:

Comparison of your credit union with peers:

  • In your state
  • In your asset band nationally
  • In your asset band within your state

Peer comparisons cover:

  • Income and risk factors
  • Member-level metrics
  • Performance ratios and growth rates
  • Penetration across various products

If you’re interested in the comparison data, fill out the short form to request your free benchmarking report.

And, don’t miss another popular, free tool: CUCompare.

Powered by CU Rise’s intelligent and predictive analytics, CUCompare gives you the tools to conduct your own high-level assessments such as:

  • Your credit union’s performance at a glance
  • Various national, state, and asset band comparisons
  • Specific or multiple credit unions comparisons
  • And more!

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