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Learn the Keys to Successful Data-Driven Member Onboarding


Did you know you can instill loyalty as soon as members join the credit union?

Implementing an effective, seamless and automated “Member Onboarding Engine” is a key element to developing a long-time loyal member. A well-onboarded member has shown much better performance and loyalty than others.

We have observed that most credit unions have a traditional and fragmented onboarding process. However, the process’s full potential can only be realized when it is structured, data-driven and tracked. As credit unions strive to innovate, they need to cover and capture all the aspects of the member life cycle with the right technology while leveraging available data analytics.

Please join CU Rise and OnApproach (now a part of Trellance) to walk through the automated and machine learning-backed cutting edge onboarding solution for OnApproach M360 Enterprise.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • First step of the member life cycle
  • Importance of onboarding
  • Shortfalls of traditional onboarding processes
  • Onboarding on the “Go” with OnApproach M360 Enterprise
  • Implementation of data-driven onboarding
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