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Key Strategies for Driving Deposit Growth with New Products


Rapidly increasing loan-to-share ratios mean credit unions need ways to drive deposit growth in a competitive marketplace. Like other banking institutions, credit unions are looking to new feature-packed products to attract new customers, keep current members happy, and remain competitive. Creating attractive new products is a must – but a strategic execution is equally as important.

CU Rise Analytics has conducted extensive product analysis around deposit accounts. From insights gained through our research, we offer credit unions a strategic approach to implementing new checking products while retaining existing account holders.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • The current loan/deposit market for credit unions.
  • Why you need a mix of checking product offerings.
  • Key strategies for developing new products, locking-in existing accounts, and cultivating long-term member retention.
  • Success stories from CU Rise credit union clients.
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