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Explore Visualization – Drive Decisions based on Intelligence


Are you struggling to keep up with the volumes of data you are building each day? Today things are changing fast in the financial world and credit unions need to keep pace with it else they will lose against the big banks. Credit Unions need to take the route of data driven insights to power their decision making. Dashboards can help one make sense of their growing data and keep a tab on cognitive business metrics at the same time. This webinar unlocks the power of visualization and business intelligence to help you learn how to implement the right visualization tools at your organization.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • What is Visualization?
  • Difference between Analytics & Visualization
  • 3S's of Visualization - Standard, Simple & Scalable
  • Multi-Layered Approach to Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Keys to Creating Effective Dashboards
  • Case Studies
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