CU Rise Launches


New Tool Offers Credit Union Comparative Analysis

Vienna, VA – May 6, 2020 – Credit unions need a flexible, intelligent, and easy-to-use tool that helps them understand how they are performing against not only their peers but also the best in class. Currently available peer analysis tools don’t offer all of the features credit unions need for more informed decision-making, such as the ability to view essential performance metrics, perform custom queries, and save multiple searches and comparisons.

To fill the gap, CU Rise Analytics has launched a proprietary new online tool, CUCompare, which allows credit unions to ‘Compare with Confidence’. It offers CUs an easy to use method to benchmark and track performance through a variety of defined and customizable metrics, and perform national, state, and asset-band comparisons. CUCompare runs on data obtained from NCUA on all federally insured credit unions and is updated every quarter. The basic version is free to all credit unions to use however a premium subscription to the tool is also available which gives credit unions access to even more sophisticated features, functionality and comparisons.

CUCompare is powered by CU Rise’s intelligent and predictive analytics strength. While every credit union can glean insights, CU Rise CEO Karan Bhalla says the new tool is an especially good opportunity for credit unions that aren’t using data to begin exploring its value and missed potential.

“Our goal was to create a tool that was simple and easy-to-use, but able to provide valuable information on an ongoing basis,” he said.  “We believe nearly all credit unions will uncover new information and find something of value. As we add additional functionality that value to our users will continue to grow.”

One unique feature of CUCompare is the ability to create ‘on-the-fly’ forecasts, which projects future credit union performance based on actual trend data.

CU Rise plans to continue adding intelligent features. Planned future enhancements include geo-representation of credit union branch networks, increased financial ratios and improved forecasting with new comparison scenarios.


About CU Rise Analytics:

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