CU Crossroads – 5 Question Series brings a conversation with Tom Davis, President & CEO of Trellance

For the next release of CU Crossroads- 5Q series, Tom Davis, President & CEO of Trellance was interviewed on the topic of people management and workplace culture. He stresses on the importance of connecting and empathizing with employees to help them embrace workplace changes. Watch his interview to get some more insights in how to manage people during times of crisis. The key takeaways from his interview are as follows:

  • First step to prepare for workplace changes should be to assess the current situation. This helps in finding how real is the concern and compartmentalize the parts of the situation that are manageable from the unmanageable.
  • We need to accept employees’ mixed reactions and challenges towards working remotely from home. Though some might find themselves more productive, others might find working remotely difficult due to their individual situations and roles at home.
  • Focus should be on building a collaborative work environment in the remote setting too as it is the heart of an agile shop.
  • Servant Leadership is going to play an important role in these situations where leaders are required to continuously connect and empathize with the employees.
  • Employees need to be reassured of support and stability time and again from the leaders of the company so that they feel comfortable and secure.