Topline FCU Shares How They Are Successfully Using Predictive Analytics

Source – CU Broadcast

Jeff Valley, Manager of Data and Analytics at Topline Federal Credit Union, and Karan Bhalla, CEO of CU Rise, joined us on the program to show how credit unions are using predictive analytics today — Topline, in particular. Here what we asked them:

  • Why is predictive analytics exciting for Topline?
  • What are the possibilities here?What challenges were Topline trying to solve when they made the decision to invest in data analytics for their credit union?
  • What are the examples of specific ways Topline is using data to be more strategic?
  • How has the use of analytics changed some of their approaches to serving Topline members?


Many takeaways in this discussion with Jeff and Karan. So check it out and let us know your thoughts.

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