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California credit union identifies members most likely to leave, develops targeted retention strategies

Cultivate loyalty and grow member relationships


A California-based credit union with $6 billion in assets and 120,000 members, sought to identify the members most likely to leave the credit union, and develop strategies to retain them.


  • CU Rise developed a model capable of calculating a member’s propensity to leave the credit union based on analysis of behavioral and demographic data. Each factor the model considered was carefully chosen based on in-depth research.
  • Following the analysis, CU Rise worked with the credit union to develop effective strategies to retain at-risk members.


Cultivate Loyalty


  • The analytical model identified the segment of credit union members with the highest likelihood for attrition, which captured 70% of the total members who would likely leave the credit union in the coming months.
  • The top 30% were further segmented, and customized marketing strategies were developed to effectively target each segment.
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