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Trellance is the leading data analytics company for credit unions. Founded in 1989, Trellance is headquartered in Tampa, FL, and services over 1500 credit unions nationwide. Our mission is to transform data into actionable insights by delivering exceptional end-to-end, data-driven products, services, and solutions, that allow credit unions to increase efficiencies, manage risk, and enrich member relationships.

The Trellance team consists of experts who specialize in data integration and warehousing, data consulting, and data-driven portfolio growth management that empowers credit unions to drive member experience. Our data solutions are built on a collaborative, multi-sided, Analytic Data Model (ADM) that enables credit unions to integrate all their key data, and our collaborative ecosystem creates communities of users, data scientists and application developers. Find more at

Best Innovation Group

Founded in 2014, Best Innovation Group (“BIG”) is a technology and financial services innovator that provides forward-thinking products, consulting services and research and development resources to the financial services industry. BIG’s team of experienced financial industry professionals brings executive-level expertise to the products and services we provide. In addition to development of voice-first and distributed ledger technologies, BIG offers a full range of consulting services aimed at helping credit unions grow and dominate their markets. BIG tackles tomorrow’s problems today. Find more at

Prisma Campaigns

Prisma Campaigns is an omnichannel marketing platform designed just for FIs to make campaign execution easier and more efficient. Prisma utilizes existing client data to maximize outreach efforts, allowing FIs to make every client feel special with personalized service offers. Using machine learning, the platform predicts clients’ next move and communicates the best offer. It uses real-time metrics to adjust the campaign’s effectiveness and share only the most relevant services.

Messages are personalized to increase user retention by contacting them through their preferred channels, with relevant, personal, and contextual messages. This optimizes message effectiveness using A/B testing and increases engagement, loyalty and conversions. Find more at