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We take credit unions from data to decisions, turning analytics into action.

For credit unions that want to focus time and resources on the most advantageous strategies, CU Rise unlocks the revolutionary possibilities of data analytics and technology. We identify the ideal intersections of member needs and business opportunities and produce high-impact results.

We employ a team of data scientists that are highly skilled and focused on serving credit unions. Our client service is always personalized, goal-oriented, and actionable.

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About Us

We deliver ongoing value to our clients with the following principles in mind:


We provide credit unions with the most advanced, sophisticated data analytics solutions.

Cost Effective

Our business model is designed to create manageable solutions for credit unions of all sizes, with ROI in mind.

Continuous Improvement

Through the powerful combination of machine learning and our own insights, we are continuously improving and enhancing our products and services.

Personalized Service

We consider each credit union’s individual goals to formulate the most strategic and effective analytics approach.

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Powered by CU Rise’s intelligent and predictive analytics, CUCompare provides credit unions a simple and free method to benchmark and track performance through national, state, and asset-band comparisons

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